Once upon a time, I lived a lot of my life on autopilot but it wasn’t by choice. This was the defense mechanism that my brain chose to keep me safe and able to function (for the most part). It wasn’t until I accidentally (no exaggeration) discovered meditation that I was finally able to start over. This was the starting point to everything and I began to learn through a lot of trial and error how to actually take care of myself and the most precious cargo of all- my mind. Over time I developed both a fascination and an appreciation for the brain and how malleable it could be. And as a result, I found it important to talk about these things that affect our mental health: our emotions, strengths, fears, weaknesses, doubts, and so on. I found these discussions to be a vital component in developing resilience and the ability to withstand discomfort and pain. While HAIF may have started out as my personal outlet, it has evolved into a place to showcase these things: the true stories and realistic depictions of healing, growth, and more.
-Julia, creator of HAIF