Hi, my name is Julia and I run everything behind the scenes at ‘How Am I Feeling?’ (HAIF). Before this platform became what it is today, it was originally my first real attempt at trying to better understand my own internal world. I began asking myself the question, “how am i feeling?” each day and I would write down the answers in a journal. Before that, mental health was never really something that was on my radar, and I really suffered for a long time because of that. I struggled a lot with anxiety among other issues and I never felt like I had the vocabulary or ability to talk about how I was feeling.


When I decided to turn my own reflection exercise into a platform for myself and other people, I wanted it to become a community-fueled resource. In other words, I wanted to create a place where people could share their various experiences and if anyone was in the position I was in for so long, they’d hopefully be able to find the words (or art) that resonated with their own story. 


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