Created in 2015, HAIF began as a blogging platform for people to safely talk about their experiences surrounding mental health, mental illness, and more. Over the years it has expanded onto Instagram to include artwork and other features. 

The name, “How Am I Feeling?” originated from a self reflection exercise that Julia accidentally created in order to help her explore her emotional landscape. Somehow one thing lead to another, and here we are!

Today, the community has grown to 80k+ members and we are continually growing. We hope that this website, Instagram, and all of the other features continue to be a resource for people to use when they are feeling lost or confused.



HAIF is run by Julia, a 20-something SoCal native. Prior to starting HAIF, she silently struggled a lot with her mental health. Not knowing what was going on made it hard to reach out for help so she kept moving forward to her best ability. It wasn’t until her mid-20’s that things began to change. 

After a series of upsetting personal events, she started to look inwards for answers, but she still didn’t know where to begin. This gave her the idea to create a platform where people could share their experiences so she could do the same one day. Now she endearingly refers to her runaway mind as, “anxiety brain” and actually enjoys talking about mental health. 

You can hear her talk a little bit about anxiety, HAIF, and more on this episode of You, Me, Empathy with her fellow-feely human friend, Non Wels.