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The best way you can help us out is by submitting your work and participating in things like community discussions and other activities! Click here for submission info. 

Due to the amount of submissions we receive we cannot guarantee a specific post date. We greatly appreciate your patience. 

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Unfortunately, we cannot. We are not licensed professionals therefore we do not offer advice. Please check out our helplines page for support resources. 

We do not do shout outs. We do offer paid promo ads, but we are very selective about which companies/projects/people we promote. Promotions must align with our values as a community and must be mental health oriented. Please contact us for more info regarding paid promos. 

We actually do not accept creative writing pieces or poetry. While it may seem odd given our entire platform is built off of creativity, we choose to keep writing submissions focused on peoples’ stories and experiences.

We are not currently hiring and due to time restrictions we are unable to participate in any collabs. 

Youth Spotlight is a new series where we shed a light on people 18 and younger who are doing cool things in the mental health community. This includes doing things like creating an organization,  podcast,  or some other kind of project. Contact us if you would like us to check out your project!