We all have a story to tell, and when it comes to mental health, it doesn’t necessarily have to be about a diagnosed illness. We all go through experiences that leave a long-lasting impact, and sometimes they can even change us completely. 

Storytelling is something that can help people feel less alone and we are here to feature your stories: the good, the bad, the complex, the simple, etc. Please read through the guidelines below before submitting your story!

  • Length: 700-1,200 words
  • Submissions must be your own original work..
  • No self promotions.
  • In regards to talking about sensitive subjects such as trauma, suicide, etc: We HIGHLY recommend only telling a story from a place where the wound has healed. We do not recommend telling a story that is still fresh.
  • Please include necessary trigger warnings & credit outside sources of information
  • Please note: We typically do not publish stories that give over generalized/over simplified advice or anything that says “fight/destroy/squash the stigma”
  • Have a question? Check out our FAQ page.
  • Check out our other submission options: art & one sentence story.

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