We are looking for personal stories that focus on an experience you went through and where you are now in that story. We are also looking for stories that educate the reader on a specific topic, treatment, aspect of healing, etc. Here are a few suggestions: 
-How people navigate their own healing process
-How people take care of themselves
-How people overcome trauma
-What it’s like to live with a specific diagnosis/disorder
-How people form & manage interpersonal relationships

If you aren’t sure whether your story would fit what we’re looking for or if you have any questions, click here to contact us & check out our FAQ page too. We also accept art & one sentence story submissions too!


  • How long should my submission be?
    Between 700-1,200 words. 
  • What format are you looking for?
    The stories that do best on our platform are thorough, authentic, and give a full picture to the person’s overall experience and perspective. We also recommend ending your story as realistic as possible. You don’t have to tie up every story neatly with a lesson or cliche saying, because that’s just not always how things are, but that’s okay. We want the real stuff, anyways. (We also accept research-based educational articles!). We also ask that you include any necessary trigger warnings and credit outside sources of information.
  • Can my submission be something I’ve previously had published elsewhere?
    Yes! Of course, as long as the written piece is your own original work.
  • Can I advertise something in my blog post?
    We will not accept submissions that include promotions or advertisements.
  • Can I submit my story anonymously?
    Yes, of course!
  • Is there anything I should avoid writing about?
    We typically will not publish stories that give over generalized advice or mention cliche sayings such as “fight the stigma” or “you are enough”.
  • Can I share something traumatic I just went through?
    In regards to talking about sensitive subjects such as trauma, suicide, etc: We HIGHLY recommend only telling a story from a place where the wound has healed. We do not recommend telling a story that is still fresh.
  • Where do I submit my work?
  • Please Email us the following information to
    • Name (or anon)
    • Title
    • Writing submission
    • Optional: author bio, social media links, and bio photo.