• Stories about living with disorders such as PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, BPD, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Depression, DID, etc.
  • Authentic stories about the healing process.
  • Light-hearted stories about every day experiences living with mental health issues. 
  • Educational articles written by mental health professionals. 
  • Stories about experiences that have left a lasting impact on you.
  •  Mindfulness.
  •  Stories about experiences with lesser known types of therapy/treatments.
  • How art/being creative plays a role in your mental health.


  • Click here to download our PDF, “How to write a personal story blog post”.
  • Length: 700-1,200 words.
  • We accept anonymous submissions & pieces that have been previously published.
  • Please include any necessary trigger warnings.
  • We do not accept submissions that include triggering descriptions of suicide or self-harm, promotions, advertisements, or stories that give over generalized advice or cliche sayings such as “fight the stigma” or “you are enough”
  • We are also accepting submissions that are in the following format:
    Beginning- Summarize the piece of writing you submitted.
    Middle- your story.
    Conclusion- Reflect on what you wrote, and tell us about where you’re at now and any other info you’d like to share.

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Please Email us the following information to

  • Name (or anon)
  • Title
  • Writing submission
  • Optional: author bio (3-5 sentences), social media links, and bio photo.