While there are numerous studies about how beneficial storytelling can be in terms of learning new information, there’s another reason why this vehicle for communication is so important. Stories are what bond us together as human beings. By sharing our stories and the experiences we’ve been through, we have the ability to close the gap on things like loneliness and isolation. 

This is the reason why we chose to focus on storytelling for our platform. When people are sharing stories about their lives, whether it’s over social media or in person, it’s likely that they only showcase the highlight reel. Unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon thing to happen. However, it’s the tough experiences that often resonate with us the most. Why? Because, to some extent, we’re all looking for a story or another person that matches our own experience. We need that reminder that we’re able to overcome whatever it is we’re struggling with. 

(This doesn’t mean we solely focus on the negative, but we want to showcase the full spectrum of emotions and experiences ranging from depression to elation and everything in between). 

We want to feature your stories in hopes that anyone who is struggling can read it and think, “if they survived, then I can too”. 



  • When will my submission be posted?
    We cannot guarantee a specific post date. We try to publish articles & artwork from newest to oldest. We greatly appreciate your patience.
  • Why wasn’t my submission posted?
    We are very particular about our format guidelines. It’s likely that it didn’t follow the format we are looking for.
  • Is there anything I should avoid writing about?
    We are always looking for posts that cover everything from mental health to mental illness. However, we do advise that you avoid flat out stating your takeaway message in your post. We also typically reject articles that over generalize or give oversimplified advice.
  • What other format tips do you have?
    Click here to check out a PDF we made!
  • Where can I submit my work?
    Click here to: Share a story, submit your artwork, tell your story in one sentence or less
  • Have another question?
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