• Artwork must be your own original work. 
  • We do not accept images containing gore or blood. 
  • Artwork must be about your own mental health or emotions. 
  • Captions must be an explanation about the image or a story related to the image. 
  • Captions must be shorter than 400 characters.
  • Please include necessary trigger warnings. 
  • Optional way to submit: Tag us on Instagram or use our hashtag #howamifeeling
  • We also accept mental health related tattoos.
  • No self promotions.
  • Have a question? Check out our FAQ page

Topic Suggestions (optional):
-Share your opinion on something you’ve noticed within mainstream media or the mental health community
-Tell us about a personal experience (good, bad, and everything in between)
-Talk about your journey through healing, growth, self development, etc. 


How to submit:
Please email us the following information-
-Your artwork
-Your username or name (we also accept anonymous submissions)
-Your caption 
Send to with “ART SUBMISSION” in the subject line


  • Length: 700-1,200 words
  • Submissions must be your own original work.
  • Click here for writing and format tips.
  • No self promotions.
  • A strong story is personal, honest, and detailed.
  • In regards to talking about sensitive subjects such as trauma, suicide, etc: We HIGHLY recommend only telling a story from a place where the wound has healed. We do not recommend telling a story that is still fresh.
  • Please include necessary trigger warnings & credit outside sources of information
  • Have a question? Check out our FAQ page.

How to submit:
Please Email us the following information-
-Your article
-A title
-Your name
-Optional: Include an author bio (3-4 sentences about yourself) and any social media links you want people to follow you on
Send to with “WRITING SUBMISSION” in the subject line


While not everyone may be comfortable with their art or writing abilities, we still believe your story should be heard. 

-Fill out the form with the required information.
-We will pair your story with an image.
-Captions are optional.
No self promotions.
-Below is an example of how it will look.


  • When will my submission be posted?
    We cannot guarantee a specific post date. We try to publish articles & artwork from newest to oldest. We greatly appreciate your patience.
  • Why wasn’t my submission posted?
    We are very particular about our format guidelines. It’s likely that it didn’t follow the format we are looking for.
  • Is there anything I should avoid writing about?
    We are always looking for posts that cover everything from mental health to mental illness. However, we do advise that you avoid flat out stating your takeaway message in your post. We also typically reject articles that over generalize or give oversimplified advice.
  • What other format tips do you have?
    Click here to check out a PDF we made!
  • Have another question?
    Check out our FAQ page