• Length: 700-1,000 words
  • Please include any necessary trigger warnings
  • We do not accept submissions that include triggering images, descriptions of suicide, self harm, blood, gore, over used sayings such as “squash the stigma”, or self promotions
  • Optional: Include an author bio (3-5 sentences about yourself), a photo, and any social media links you want people to follow you on.
  • Writing must be submitted in Word Doc format
  • Please credit any outside sources of information and provide links when necessary.
  • Submissions will be edited for grammar, spelling, and clarity. Your own voice will be preserved in the final product.
  • Please be thorough with your story and do not feel obligated to wrap the ending up in a nice bow. We’re more interested in the truth than an empty platitude.


How are you feeling right now? What are you feeling? And why are you feeling that way? What are you currently internally investigating? What are your own personal theories on self development? Tell us about it (but also please read the format guidelines above because while this is a place for exploring those things, we do have to keep it kosher so no one -including me- accidentally gets triggered). But with that being said, we’d love to hear about your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and so on.


  • When will my submission be posted?
    We cannot provide you with an exact date. We appreciate your patience!
  • Can I submit a story that has been published elsewhere?
    Of course!
  • Can I submit something via DM?
    We do not accept submissions via DM.
  • Is there anything I should avoid writing about?
    We recommend avoiding using cliche or over-generalized sayings such as “you are enough” or “fight the stigma”. (We encourage you to write your own version). We also do not accept submissions that include triggering images, descriptions of suicide, self harm, blood, gore, or self promotions
  • Why wasn’t my submission published?
    It was likely due to not following the above format and guidelines. 
  • Can I submit multiple pieces?
    Yes please!
  • Can I submit something to be featured on your Instagram?
    Tag your posts with the hashtags #howamifeeling or #howamifeelingg! Themes we are currently looking for include: personal development, self awareness, healing, and growth.
  • I have another question I’d like to ask, how can I contact you?
    Click here or Email us directly: